Aura combines the outstanding advantages of our proprietary resins and Colour Lock technology to deliver rich, full colour and unprecedented durability.  Aura protects against cracking, peeling, and fading and is also mildew and stain resistant.  Aura is also available in thousands of colours.


Award-winning Ultra-Spec SCUFF-X is a revolutionary, single component paint that resists scuffing before it starts.  Built for professionals, it is engineered with cutting edge protection against scuffs


Regal Select offers premium performance and smooth application you've come to expect from our classic paint, with the added benefits of cutting-edge new technologies.  Thanks to our proprietary waterborne resins and zero VOC colourants, Regal Select is both a paint and primer in one advanced formula


Zero-VOC Ultra-Spec 500 is a professional-quality interior coating designed to meet the needs of the professional painting contractors, facility managers, and property managers.  Available in a wide range of sheens and unlimited colours, professionals will appreciate its excellent hiding and touch up properties, good flow, and levelling, easy application, and soap-and-water cleanup

AURA Bath & Spa

With a beautiful Matte finish, Aura Bath & Spa is a premium quality interior paint specially formulated to resist mildew growth in humid areas such as bathrooms and spas


Natura Waterborne Interior Paint continues Benjamin Moore's commitment to providing the most environmentally friendly paint.  Natura goes beyond zero VOC to offer zero emissions, making it a safer paint for your family and the environment, all without compromise to performance or colour selection.  Natura is truly "Green Without Compromise"


ben offers the Benjamin Moore standard of performance while meeting the specific needs for the entry level premium product.  ben offers a zero VOC product without sacrificing the consumer's desire for quality


Super-Hide Zero VOC is a professional quality interior paint designed to meet the high needs of the high volume commercial paint contractor.  Super-Hide offers excellent hiding and touch-up along with a spatter resistant application with low odour and a quick dry time. 

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