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Solvent-based Wiping Stains

Goudey wiping stains are renowned for their depth, vibrancy, and richness which have made them the industry benchmark for decades.  Goudey offers professionals a broad palate of 36 stock colours that are relevant in both historical and current trends and can be blended together to produce a myriad of hues.

These stains can be applied by cotton cloth wiper, brush, or spray equipment to any wood product.  Reduce, if desired, with Goudey 754 Fast Dry Stain Reducer.  For converting a wiping stain to spray stain, reduce with Goudey 707 Xylene or 706 Toluene.


Water-based Wiping Stains

Goudey is committed to providing professionals with environmentally friendly products that work.  Our new water based wiping stains feature significantly lower levels of odour and toxicity  and are easier to clean compared with conventional solvent based stains, yet they maintain the depth, vibrancy, and richness of our traditional solvent based wiping stains.  

These stains can be applied by cotton cloth wiper, brush, or spray equipment.  To reduce colour strength without changing the stain's viscosity, add stain Glaze Base (WB00-0113).  These stains feature enough open time to accommodate larger pieces of furniture and millwork.

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