Ceiling Paint

Our premium quality ceiling paint has superior hide properties for a flawless finish on imperfect surfaces.  It applies easily and smoothly and provides minimal spatter.  It is formulated to provide ample open time to ensure minimal lapping.


Super Hide

Super Hide Latex Ceiling paint is Zero VOC with excellent hiding and touch up properties.  It is spatter resistant and rolls to a uniform flat finish.  Super Hide is quick dry with a soap and water clean up.

Super_Hide_Interior_Eggshell_K357 (1).pn

INSL-X Colour Changing

Insl-X Colour changing Ceiling paint goes on pink and dries white to help prevent missed spots and provides a uniform, flat finish.  It is low VOC, self-priming to save time, and spatter resistant to limit clean up. 


Calcimine Recoater

Super Spec Calcimine Recoater is a premium quality high hiding, alkyd flat paint specifically designed for re-coating surfaces previously painted with calcimine material