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Environmentally friendly, extremely effective paint remover that is safer because it does not contain methylene chloride or caustic, so there are no harmful fumes.  Will not burn your skin and is chemically more in harmony with the environment.  This product requires more work time than more aggressive removers due to its high level of biodegradeability and low evaporation rate.  It is effective for anti-fouling paint stripping from wood and fiberglass boats, and removes varnishes, polyurethanes, shellac, etc from fine wood surfaces, revealing the natural colour of wood.  This is a boat bottom paint stipper with excellent coverage (40-50 sq. ft/ gallon) with a variety of different application options



Peel Away 2 is a solvent based paste designed specifically for heavy duty eco-friendly removal of two-part epoxy coatings, urethanes, elastomerics, chlorinated rubber, mastics, and non-skid coatings.  The strongest and best chemical paint stripper on the market and will safely remove multiple layers of lead-based paint in as little as 2-4 hours.  It is non-toxic and comes packaged with the specifically designed laminated paper which controls evaporation.  

Coverage (30-35 sq.ft/ gallon)

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Eco-Friendly Soy based Paint remover

This environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic paint remover is used for the removal of high-strength, chemically resistant floor coatings such as epoxies or urethanes.  This heavy duty gel paint remover is applied with a squeegee, brush or airless sprayer and removed with long-handled scrapers or power washing.

Coverage (60-70 sq.ft/gallon)



ST-1 is an environmentally friendly paint removal system that has been specifically formulated for the safe and heavy duty removal of lead-based paint from the steel structures such as tanks, bridges, and structural support members.  This product is similar to Peel Away 1 however its self-sealing characteristic allows it to continue working in a moist environment without requiring any biodegradable Laminated paper.  

This product is applied with a trowel or HD airless sprayer and covers 20 sq.ft/gallon approximately



This extremely effective wood paint remover is ready to use and biodegradable for the safe and effective removal of lead paint from wood.  This environmentally friendly also removes oil and water-based stains, clear finishes, weathered latex and varnishes from pine, oak, cedar, redwood, and P.T. decks, siding and fencing.  



Lead Stop is an encapsulating compound is a thick elastomeric coating that is made to be long-lasting barrier over lead based paint, making it possible to safely cover or paint over lead paint.  This provides a protective barrier that seals and blocks in lead that is contained in old lead-based paints on previously painted surfaces.  This product has earned a seal of approval for lead abatement from D.L. Litter laboratories and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Encapsulation Product Performance Protocol., Department of Public Health.  This product contains Bitrex anti-ingestant.  It also protects painted surfaces against further deterioration.  It is specifically formulated to resist cracking from impact, surface movement, and age of long-term protection


Swing Professional Removers

Swing Professional Removers are clean, non-grain raising strippers designed for removing paint, varnish, polyurethane, lacquer, moisture cure, etc. They do not contain any caustic, and are non-flammable.



This is a boat paint stripper designed as a marine metal paint stripper and a bottom boat paint stripper, and is ideal for marine paint stripping with specialized requirements. This product is similar to the Safety Strip and is most used for bottom boat stripping where the epoxy barrier is to be left intact.  It is an alkaline paste and in a single application will strip all anti-fouling coatings on boats without harsh fumes or flammable solvents.  It is a safe and environmentally friendly lead-based paint removal system that includes a paste that is trowelled or sprayed.  Contains no Methylene Chloride, MEK, or any highly flammable solvents and easily clings to vertical surfaces.  Coverage (20 sq ft/ gallon).  



Peel Away 4 Cementitious Coating Removal System is an acetic acid-based cementitious paint and coatings remover that is environmentally friendly and was specifically designed for the safe removal of lime/white wash coatings, milk paints, organic and inorganic zinc coatings, and most cementitious coatings.  This system is great for cleaning brick or for use in other masonry cleaning applications.  Heavy duty chemical paint removal system that can also remove some high-temperature aluminum coatings.  It covers approx 35-40 sq.ft/ gallon.



Solvent- Based Paint Remover

Uniquely versatile, biodegradable, and environmentally safe lead paint removal system.  This product will safely remove most varieties of architectural paints and varnishes, as well as high-performance coatings such as epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, elastomerics, chlorinated rubber, aluminum mastics, and automotive/marine bottom finishes.  Non-toxic and can be used on virtually all interior and exterior surfaces, and is excellent for safe lead-based paint removalon intricate, carved, and molded surfaces.



Professional Paint Remover

Professional-strength, environmentally friendly paint stripper that effectively removes architectural, industrial, and lead paints.  This non-toxic chemical paint removal system is formulated without methylene chloride and is non-carcinogenic, non-caustic, and non-flammable.  The heavy duty paint remover is low VOC, low-odour, biodegradable, and user friendly.



Smart Strip Log and Timber Finish remover is a revolutionary paint and wood finish remover that is safe for the user, the substrate, and the environment.  Eco-friendly and 100% bio-degradable, water-based stripper that is extremely effective for removing multiple layers of solid colour stains and clear coats from log and timber structures as well as virtually all interior/exterior surfaces.  

Free of Methylene Chloride, caustics, or toxic chemicals!



Catch-N-Cover is a strong, breathable,, specially-treated filter material that allows air and water to easily pass through it while still catching job-site debris and over-spray.  Simply place it over the ground around the construction site.  The sun will not cook the vegetation underneath like tarps do.  It will not suffocate, crush or flatten vegetation.  Both rain and pressure washing water will drain through leaving dirt and debris on top while keeping everything underneath clean.  This 11 x 20 cloth has a low-absorbent material and simply rolls up or folds at completion of the project. 


SamaN Ultimate stripper

 To give a second life to your furniture starts with a stripping session, rely on SamaN’s Ultimate stripper power. It quickly removes up to 5 coats of water and oil based paint, varnish, epoxy and all types of glue. This high-performance product is ideal for stripping wood, metal and concrete.

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